Nourish Me is an integrated wellness podcast that will

empower you to nourish your life away from the digital matrix.
Join JoAnne Pavin, your host, a certified Integrated Wellness practitioner,

coach, and author of The Meal magazine as

she guides you towards a

healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Tune in weekly for inspiring conversations and interviews,

that will optimize your nutrition, exercise, meditation, mindset

and engage your five senses!

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Welcome to the new algorithm, the rhythm of real life.

JoAnne Pavin, a multidisciplinary wellness practitioner, speaker, and coach welcomes you to a nourishing journey. She’ll help you manage digital distractions, engage all five senses and optimize
how you Eat, Move, Breathe, and Think.

Through her experience with health and human performance coaching, she guides you through actionable steps in the areas of
and Mindset training.

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Episode 1

In this episode, JoAnne introduces you to the Nourish Me podcast journey. You’ll discover why you should listen, who will be guests, how it will nourish your health, and inspire you to nourish others.

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Episode 2: Planting Seeds: A physical and mental look at gardening

Elizabeth Delgado The Balance of Education

JoAnne Pavin and guest Rebecca Woolley, master gardener and Redeeming Roots founder, to discuss their deep roots and love for gardening, both physically and mentally. They touch on Becky's journey into gardening, her work with Southern Californian School gardens, and the importance of balance in education. The conversation also delves into the spiritual connection between humans and nature, particularly through gardening. Finally, they talk about the patience required when planting seeds in a garden or in life and how to trust in the process. 

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